Winter care for dry lips (lip scrub and lip balm)

Winters are the harsh season which is tough outside and comforting inside. The time when one wants to stay protected being inside, get cozy in blankets and flaunt all the woolens and get a different look altogether. The season due to its many fluctuations is very lethal to the skin and hair and especially to the lips. In this weather, there are increased chances of chapped lips, as the lips are always exposed to dry indoors, and rough outdoors and wind and other climatic conditions worsen the whole situation.

The oil glands are absent in lips, so they remain exposed to dry air, cold, wind and sun. All these together increase the occurrence of chapped lips. The problem of chapped lips is common throughout the year, but it starts worsening only in winters.

It is thus important to take care of the lips as much as one takes care of the face. There are certain tips that one can follow for a proper care of lips during the winters apart from applying lips scrubs and lip balms. So, we shall discuss the tips during the winter season and how a lip scrub and balm works.

Tips for prevention and treating chapped lips –

We cannot fight the climatic fluctuations but can follow these tips so that one does not have to face the problem of chapped lips and if at all, one experiences the same, they can use these tips for the treatment. Some of the tips that one can follow are as follows:

  • It is important to keep oneself ready for the arrival of the harsh winters by avoiding going out without any protection especially without applying a lip cream or balm Be prepared for harsh weather climate.
  • It is important to apply a lip balm or cream that comprises of sunscreen and SPF factor and even cover the lips with a scarf and reapply when you are outside.
  • Scrub your lips once a week, as exfoliating removes the dry and dead skin.
  • Never pull or bite the dried skin as the lips are thin and pricking them could result in bleeding, increasing irritation.
  • It is important to avoid licking the lips consistently since the saliva evaporates in no time, worsening the texture of the lips
  • It is important to have a healthy and balanced diet so that one gets adequate minerals and vitamins.
  • It is mandatory to keep oneself hydrated by having at least eight to ten glasses of water so that one does not suffer through dehydration which could lead to chapped lips.
  • It is also important to breathe by the nose as breathing by mouth leads to dried lips.
  • Home remedies like olive oil, coconut oil, also go to help a long way so that lips get the required moisture as soothes the lip immediately.
  • Never use anything that increases the irritation of chapped lips, in some cases, it is spicy food.

To be healthy and free of any damages, it is best to use natural or handmade products especially the ones made from Phenak India, as they are handcrafted with the richness of cold pressed oils especially the lip balms which come in different flavors.

The Lip Balms are best for chapped lips and available in chocolate, blueberry, and Irish cream flavors.

Whereas the Lip Scrubs help in exfoliating the dry lips and keep the lips moisturized.

Thus, the winter season is very tough, and one needs to take proper care of the skin, body, hair and the lips. One can bid farewell to the chapped lips, by properly applying these tips and even enjoying moisturized and nourished lips this winter season.