Top 7 Myths about Acne that you need to stop believing

With the increase in the use of social media we often find so many DIY methods that are said to get rid of the “A” problem. Yes I mean “Acne”. Most of the DIYs either don’t work at all, while some of them are so bad that you could end with more damaged skin than you started with.

Below are the 7 such myths that you usually see on your social media, that claim to treat your acne in a jiffy. But do they? Read till the end to find out why they are actually harmful for your skin. 

Myth #1: Toothpaste cures acne: 

No, toothpaste doesn’t heal acne spots. Applying toothpaste could actually make them worse because of its drying agents. Moreover, Toothpaste has a basic pH level, while healthy skin is acidic in nature. Applying toothpaste on skin disrupts the acid mantle and causes irritated skin which can lead to more acne.

Myth #2: Acne happens to  teenagers only:

Acne is not just a problem for teenagers. it can occur to people of all ages. Major cause of acne, even after 20’s is inflammation and clogged pores. Hormonal Imbalance causes acne to occur in adults too. 

Myth #3: Dry the acne in sun : 

Staying in the sun won’t “dry the pimples”…it might actually make the hyperpigmentation that follows the inflammation worse as it will stay longer on your face -unless you wear sunscreen.

Myth #4: Oily food causes acne: 

This is a big myth that eating oily food causes acne. But the fact is  Chocolate and dairy could cause acne by increasing insulin levels. Try cutting off dairy for 3 weeks and see if you notice a difference in your skin.

Myth #5: Makeup causes acne:

Makeup doesn’t cause acne! What actually can cause acne is using dirty hands or makeup brushes to apply makeup and/or not removing it properly at night.

Myth #6: Poor hygiene causes acne: 

NO, acne is NOT the consequence of poor hygiene. If anything, over washing the face can lead to MORE oil production, resulting in more clogged pores and followed by acne. Most skincare professionals will tell you to wash your face maximum twice a day.

Myth #7: Nothing works on acne: 

Some people will tell you that there is no treatment that really works with acne, and you simply have to learn to deal with it. This is not true: yes, acne is caused by many different factors, which makes it challenging to treat, but treatment is possible. You need to know the real cause of the acne. With proper diagnosis it is really possible to treat acne. 

It looks like many people who struggle with acne think of it as some kind of personal failure. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of about acne, as it ultimately boils down to genetics and the immune system.

Anyone who bullies or mistreats you because of acne should feel ashamed of himself.

Hope this helped!

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