Benefits of Face Serum | How to choose and apply them

Do you want to take your skincare routine to a whole new level? Thinking of changing your skincare routine from regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing to something more beneficial?

You’ve known this regular face wash, moisturizers, and sunscreen but there is this one product that’s added most recently to the facial skincare routine that is under-discussed – Face Serum.

You read it right. Face serum is your next level of a daily skincare routine. It nourishes your skin, protects it, and keeps it hydrated. In this article let’s deep dive into “Face serum”, its benefits on your skin, and how to
choose one and apply them.

1. What is a face serum?
It is a skincare product that you can apply to your facial skin. It nourishes, protects, and hydrates your skin from anti-aging, dark spots, acne, and many more skin problems.
It is an active ingredient that targets specific skincare problems. It is very powerful
made up of small molecules. The proportion of the active ingredients are higher than normal face creams. These ingredients penetrate deep into your skin giving you the greatest benefits. You can see the visible effects in a shorter time. To get the most benefit of a face serum you should seal it with a moisturizer or a face cream as a next step.

2. Ingredients in face serum – are exotic ones. They are –

  • Vitamin C
  • Antioxidants extracted from green tea
  • Seeds of the grape, berries, and pomegranate are also used as other active
  • Hyaluronic acids are used as a way to treat dehydrated skin.
  • Plant-based active ingredients are used for scars, patchy and sunspots skin.
  • Retinols are an ingredient used for those prone to acne, fine lines, and
  • Anti-inflammatory is used for sensitive skin. Its properties prevent breakouts
    and redness.
  • Ingredients to check out on labels are aloe Vera, arnica, and zinc.

3. Benefits of face serum –

The visible benefits that you get with face serum are –

  • Your skin texture improves as it contains vitamin C. Vitamin C smoothens your
    skin making it firmer and younger-looking.
  • If you have spots, acne, or any other marks you will see a drastic change. They
    start to lighten with regular use of serum. This happens due to a plant
    concentrate that’s used in the face serum. The plant concentrate is extracted
    holistically. No harmful chemicals are used.
  • Face serum help in reducing blackheads and whiteheads.
  • When used under the eyes, it helps in reducing dark circles and lines.
  • Its regular use will make your skin fresh and moisturized.

4. How do I choose the right serum?

The best way to choose your serum from the number of available options is

  • consider the skin problem you have
  • your skin type

Be sure of which skin problem you want to solve first. Is it the fine lines you want to get rid of or any other skin issue you want to address?
Second, what is your skin type? Is it oily and more prone to acne or its dry and you are looking for a serum to hydrate your skin? In this case, go for a serum with
hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

5. How to apply the serum?

Apply during the day or night. Once or twice depending on your need. Wash your face and pat dry first. then apply the serum. When used as the first layer it works best.
Follow up with a moisturizer of your choice. If you are using it at night, try not to layer it too much. Let the skin breathe. The key is do not overuse it.

6. Are Serums and moisturizers the same?

No. Though serums and moisturizers have similar ingredients and properties the main difference is face serums absorb quickly into your skin. It goes deep inside below the epidermis while moisturizers work only on the top of the layer of the skin. Serums are water-based while moisturizers are cream-based.

Face serums are lightweight. They contain active ingredients that absorb into your skin fast, nourish and hydrate, making it an excellent practice for your daily skincare routine.

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